Uganda is home to over 8 million orphans and vulnerable children whose families have been devastated by HIV/AIDS or extreme poverty (Kalibala and Lynne, 2010).

Most of these children are facing many challenges that have hindered them from realizing their full potential. Majority have dropped out of school due to challenges of school fees and lack of scholastic materials.

Several families can barely afford a meal a day leading to malnutrition, stunting and related illnesses. Many orphaned children in Mukono district are homeless. Some are forced to live with extended family, in foster homes, and the streets. Research shows that when children are placed in these vulnerable situations, the risk of exploitation and abuse increases dramatically and most of their dreams are cut short.

Children who are affected by abject poverty lose their self-esteem and this affects their way of living in the community, increasing their vulnerability and helplessness.

Our target is to help these children overcome their vulnerability and reach their full potential by offering them learning opportunities, advocate for their rights, provide home-based care, medical care and treatment, counseling and guidance and empower them with their families through livelihood skills training, and income generating projects for self-sustenance.

We hope to provide shelter and foster care to street and homeless children and offer psycho-social support. All this is to bring a smile on the face of this child and restore hope in their lives for a better future.